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We Are Uniquely Equipped to Handle the Vision Needs of Young Children

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Through a Child’s Eyes

We believe that the quality of how a child sees the world can have a huge impact on their development and processing of information. Much more than a typical vision screening, a Comprehensive Eye Exam for Children can identify subtle eye health and/or vision problems that could be interfering with your son or daughter’s ability to see well:

  • Near Vision – Is there eye strain up close?

  • Eye Coordination Muscle Balance – Do the eyes want to work as a team? Does an imbalance (or subtle eye turn) cause your child to have eye strain or intermittent blur/double vision?

  • Focusing – Do the eyes comfortably adjust their focus quickly from a distance to near – all day long?

  • Eye Health – Are the eyes healthy inside and out? Our special techniques and equipment help make examining a child less stressful for both the parents and the child!

Unlike adults, most children don’t recognize that they are not seeing properly. They assume that how their eyes feel or work is how everyone’s eyes are – and kids are less likely to complain of blur, pain, itchiness, strain or fatigue.

Kids and Parents Love our Glasses!

If your son or daughter is prescribed glasses, we have a huge selection of eyewear for children, tweens, and teens to fit most every face, style, and pocketbook! We accept most insurances – as well as offer great packages on eyewear for youth (ages 18 and younger). Need prescription sports goggles? We have a great collection of sizes and colors that can be custom-fit and ordered to help your child see AND look their best!

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child putting in contacts

Contact Lenses and Children

For some children, wearing glasses is easy and does not get in the way of their usual activities. For others, wearing contact lenses can greatly improve their quality of life and how well they see and function in the world.

There can be many advantages to wearing contact lenses! For some children and teens, it can greatly boost their self-esteem and/or improve their ability to participate in activities like basketball, hockey, skiing, dancing, etc. For others, contacts can become more of a medical necessity at a younger age – particularly if the child’s prescription is strong – or if there is a large disparity in power between the two eyes.

For over 30 years, we have successfully fit thousands of children and teens with contact lenses.

Our doctors have the knowledge and experience to help YOU decide if contact lenses are a good choice for your son or daughter. We also have the lens options and patience to help most all of our young patients wear contact lenses successfully!

child in school

Learning-Related Vision Problems

80% of what a child learns in school comes through their eyes! Beyond seeing 20/20, if their vision is strained or the eyes are not working well together, a child’s ability to learn, process visual information, and read can be greatly affected.

If your son or daughter is having difficulty in school, we can do additional testing in order to determine if there may be an underlying visual processing or perception problem. If a vision issue is identified, often a specialty eyeglass lens and/or a few home eye “exercises” can be recommended that will correct or minimize the problem. Additionally, we work with area specialists who can provide additional services that may be helpful if necessary.

Specialty Eye Exams

Sometimes, a child needs something “extra” in order for their vision to be adequately measured. While all of our optometrists are outstanding with children, two of our doctors have additional training and experience working with children of all abilities and developmental levels. Dr. Megan Fabisch welcomes seeing children of all ages – including those with developmental delays and challenges. Dr. Lynne Roy completed her graduate studies in Reading Disabilities at Marquette University and also enjoys working with children – particularly those who struggle with learning-related vision problems.

child doing optical exam

Children’s Eye Health

Is your child having problems with their eyes? Using specialized equipment, our doctors are able to quickly diagnose and treat various eye health issues including:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Pink Eye / Red Eyes
  • Itchy, Allergy Eyes
  • Eye Pain
  • Burning or Excessive Tearing
  • Scratched Cornea or Foreign Body Removal

Help Your Child See Properly