Fast Diagnosis and Treatment

Eye Health Management in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and the Greater Milwaukee Area

We Use Innovative Technology to Effectively Analyze and Treat

Eye Emergencies & Urgencies

Our doctors have the experience AND the specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to handle – quickly and affordably – most any eye issue that can happen:

Diagnosis and Management of Eye Health Issues

Our doctors have the experience and advanced technologies to detect and diagnose eye-related illnesses. In some cases, eye drops, specific vitamins and/or lifestyle modifications can greatly slow down the progression of the disease. In other cases, coordinating care with your primary care provider (pcp), specialist, and/or an ophthalmologist may be necessary. Whatever your situation, we will work with YOU and your healthcare team to develop a plan that will help keep your eyes healthier – and you seeing well – for a long time.

Additional Information and Resources

Our doctors attend many hours of continuing education every year in order to stay current with the latest research, theories and technology that will help them better serve our patients.

For additional information on various eye diseases and their treatments, please check out the following resources:

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